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Failed to execute the command. The 'Reindexing archive'

  • I opened a support ticket but hoped I might get a faster response here. Since upgrading to 9.4 and acronis 11.7 I get this a lot when the synthetic backups run.

    Backup failed - TOL: Failed to execute the command. The 'Reindexing archive' command rebuilds the metadata of the specified archive. Failed to find archive 'volBackup15.TIB'. Cannot find archive 'volBackup15.TIB'.

  • DMooring, what ticket number was the issue you submitted?

    The error here appears to be straightforward (but perhaps there's more to it than just that). Are you able to verify the backup location existence of volBackup15.TIB? You may opt to look a bit deeper in the log file to see the exact issue: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229019168-Synthetic-full-backups-appear-to-be-hung-or-stuck-at-95-estimated-completion.

  • All the tib files are there. This only happens on the ones I upgraded to 11.7. I do not  have the problem on any that I left on 11.5. After it fails I force a full backup but when it comes time to do another synthetic it fails again.

  • Sounds like an issue with tib file incompatibility across versions. Perhaps not practical, but a way that might work around it - don't do a synthetic full. delete the backup chain and start afresh allowing a fresh full backup and subsequent incremental chain to be created from scratch in 11.7.

    Yes, I realize this is impractical in many cases (especially if you're offsite replicating) - however it might be an option you can at least test to confirm the nature of the issue.

  • My ticket number is 169949

    This is answer I got so far.

    After further investigation, we discovered a synthetic full log (C:\kworking\SyntheticPrepLog.js) that causes this issue. This log is no longer created when running synthetic full backups on v11 clients, but the post backup procedures still process it and this causes the false failure report.

    To resolve the issue, you have to manually delete the file (above) from the agent working directory and the \kaseya\userprofiles[agentguid]\Audit directory on the kserver.

  • Deleted all the SyntheticPrepLog.js files and still having the issue.

    I may have to "delete the backup chain and start afresh" but that will take a while.

  • I do have this problem on my offsite server system. I have updated my offsite server, but not all my local acronis installs are updated. All synthetic full backups which have to run on my offsite server fail and have this error.

    Also I have some problems with updating acronis from 11.5 to 11.7. It seems there has not been enough testing with this update...

  • On some of my updates from 11.5 to 11.7 I have to uninstall the 11.5 modules that did not upgrade and then reinstall.

  • Almost a month later and the best fix I have gotten from support was to down grade back to 11.5 or move all my users to the cloud version.

    For months I was told all the problems I had with 11.5 would be fixed with 11.7 and now they want me to down grade back???

    I know I am only 1 client but tickets should never take a month or more to fix.

    I have given up on more tickets lately then I have gotten a solution for.