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BUDR Backups from Offsite Users

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I have several offsite users, is there a way to configure Backup to run correctly for them?  They don't always connect to VPN or stay connected long enough so their backups continue to fail.  As long as they have an internet connection i am still about to connect and do whatever else on their machine but I want the backup to be able to run also.  Has anyone else done this with remote users?

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  • We have them use local USB drives.  This is both remote and laptop users

  • If you have the backup location in the cloud or another location separate from where the users tend to be, then you will run into issues. Backups cannot be paused mid-way and then resumed whenever there is connectivity loss. Data transfer over the network needs to be done in one whole process otherwise data integrity comes into question. You'll run into this issue if users also abruptly put their laptops to sleep in the middle of a back up, even if they're using local USB drives as karoded suggested (which is a great idea). Backups will fail and attempt to re-run. If it fails enough times, it can initiate a full backup. It can get pretty messy. A little user education and conservative scheduling (i.e., during their work hours only) will go a long way.