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Off-Site Replication

  • Hey All


    I know I have everything setup correctly, (fairly certain anyway) as I was getting data showing up in the off-site location.  Now when I check the location is empty and I get no errors or emails, ( I have configured the off-site alert to send an email if there is a problem).  We recently change the device for the off-site from a D-Link 4 Bay NAS to a QNAP 12 Bay NAS.  I an fairly certain that this does not make a huge difference as the last date for the data is from a long time ago, (well before the equipment swap).


    I would like to know if any one out there configure hteir backups to be Synthetic and then manually copied the initial files to the offsite location or if you just configured the backups and let things run as normal? I know using the Synthetic saves bandwidth but for some customers we are only copying some folders or the bandwidth is not an issue as we have have Fibre and so do they.




  • you should check the KO* files in you kaseya temp folder. that are the logfiles for offsite replication, with error if there are any. You can check on the server side for server log and on the client side for client logs. the offsite alert function only sends an alert if the offsite client cannot connect to the offsite server. This function does not alert if there is a connection, but no data transferred.

    My guess is that the user account (setup with the agent credential) does not have permissions on the offsite server storage location.