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Is BUDR being phased out or not (official response please)

  • Thanks for the post Matt.  We love BUDR and it has been a great product for us...which is why it isn't in the boneyard.  The voice of the community is heard loud inside the compan, however,  in this case, its not about  the many folks here listening to the community, its a matter of complexity both legally and technically that require the vague-ness you've all been hearing from us.  Sorry about that.  

  • any update on this?

  • According to Acronis the 11.5 update which supports Windows Server 2012 has now been released.  The clock is now ticking on updating BUDR for that update so we can support our customers.

  • It looks like something is going on ...  Today on my vsa hotfix page:

  • I expect the email went to everyone but very glad to hear that Kaseya has announced Kaseya Backup 5.0 is available to the test community and includes a more recent version of Acronis.   I had doubts and expressed them that this would be several months away.  Glad to be wrong and whether Kaseya was listening to us on keeping us informed, they were certainly listening to us on keeping BUDR moving ahead.


    Attention Kaseya Backup Customer,

    The day you have been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived! Kaseya is pleased to announce that we have reached a new agreement with Acronis to deliver their latest backup technology for integration with the Kaseya Backup (KBU) module. In preparation for this announcement, Kaseya has also been actively working on an update to the product called Kaseya Backup 5.0 which is now ready for Controlled Release, more information on that is available below. All Kaseya Backup customers current on their maintenance will have access to this new version once it is released.

    Key benefits of KBU 5.0 will include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

    • Support for latest disc hardware for improved backup reliability

    • Improved backup logic to minimize ongoing incremental backup size

    • Support for conversion of Dynamic Disks to VM

    • Access to download an optional local UI

    This announcement confirms our commitment to provide you the widest range of Backup and Recovery solutions that match the needs of your IT Operations. The Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery family of solutions include the following options:

    Kaseya Backup provides cost effective image based backup and disaster recovery with offsite replication and bare metal restore capabilities. This product is designed to allow you to purchase an entire integrated solution from Kaseya.

    Kaseya Data Backup is a file and folder level backup optimized for remote devices, desktops and laptops and focuses on critical data capture to ensure protection of key files in the event of disaster. Kaseya Data Backup is based on open source and Kaseya’s own technology and is built completely in-house.

    Kaseya System Backup and Restore provides live snapshots of critical servers and server based applications such as MS SQL Server and Exchange and provides restore times to meet critical RTO and RPO through hot-build functionality and highly robust offsite replication using proprietary communication technology. The ShadowProtect integration is designed as a pure stand-alone integration where customers can purchase the product from a StorageCraft vendor or Kaseya and then manage the licenses from within the KSBR module.

    In addition to these solutions, Kaseya’s 3rd party integration partners provide additional market leading backup and recovery products giving you access to the broadest range of solutions in the industry through Kaseya’s integrated web platform.

    For further details relating to the Kaseya Backup Product please visit the FAQ on the community here. To be a part of the KBU 5.0 Controlled Release please register here.

    Thank you for your continued support and please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions.


    Ray Barber

    Product Marketing Manager


  • Just like to personally thank everyone in this thread for their patience and hanging in there. We wanted to make sure that we a) had firm 'iron-clad' legal agreement before announcing anything and b) that the product was actually ready for you to see - no smoke and mirrors!