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PST files ?

  • Hi,



    How does backup menage PST files? (outlook files). ??  Is there any problem ?  or is it going smooth?

  • I haven't seen any issue with .pst files

  • works fine for me too

  • Thx for answer.  My client is trying to persuade that no backup solution can manage  open PST files...  

  • Does it backup open PST files, e.g when Outlook is open and the PST is open at the same time so locked? This works with Backup Direct in the UK but I'm not sure of many other soltuions that work, if Kaseya Online Backup does this then I would probably start selling it.

  • And how Kaseya Backup(normal not Online)  manage the open and in use PST files?  

  • Acronis can backup open files, like .pst - a number of other backup solutions can do the same.  Some use VSS (Appassure Replay) and some use their own driver  (Acronis).

    Acronis copies Windows files by effectively freezing a moment of time. A filter driver layers between file system drivers and volume drivers, allowing the software to create and backup consistent views of all files, including open files. The driver is installed above the volume drivers so it can see all the read and write requests passing to a volume

    This is another case of a client thinking they are smarter than they are :)

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  • Thank your for help:)   some client can really be annoying!

    Btw. I have huge request . Our company has problem creating customer portal account ( under fix).  So we cant create any tickets with problems form our clients at the moment.  Would someone be so kind and  make a question to support in my case ?   And then email me or pm back answer ?     Or one of my biggest client will kill me....

  • Why can't you open your own support ticket?  I don't think that anyone besides yourself knows how to best explain your problem to support.

  • @mato1987: why don't you just call support?

  • I think we should close this topic :)  all agreed Kaseya handle PST files

  • Can someone first clarify as per my questions that Kaseya Online Backup backs up open PSTs?

  • I did clarify it.

  • Dan you clarified it in AppAssure and BUDR. Not Kaseya Online Backup, so I guess it doesn't then!

  • I clarified it per mato1987's question which was not about Kaseya Online Backup.

    But since you asked, this is straight from the KOB FAQ:

    Q17. What is VSS? Does KOB use VSS?

    A17. VSS = Volume Snapshot Service or Volume Shadow Copy Service is a technology included in Microsoft Windows that allows taking manual or automatic snapshots of data, even if it has a lock. It allows KOB to backup files that are open.

    I recommend that you read the FAQ in it's entirety here: community.kaseya.com/.../kaseya-online-backup-kob-faqs.aspx