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KID release date

  • Does anyone know when KID will be released? We have purchased some licenses already but were then told it's not yet available.


  • no one knows? certainly the sales staff dont but kaseya do seem very happy to sell us licenses for it

  • Was mean to be June 20th... I'm guessing that's why you posted this on June 20th... They haven't updated their release document to show a different date or crossed it out and said "to be announced" which is what normally happens


    How much did it cost? Did you get perpetual or subscription?

    Not sure if its a BUDR replacement though. I think it is more designed for an SOE deployment of workstations, not for imaging machines which have data on them to use as a backup - If I'm wrong let me know cause that would be great to have a product which does both.

  • I think by definition it has to be capable as a backup tool. The idea being that you can reimage a machine back to a previous state rather than resolve an issue. The ability to "roll back" implies that you are able to back up a machine in the first place.

    Whether it's a straight replacement for Acronis I dont know (wish Kaseya would stop releasing competing modules - kav/kes KID/BUDR etc) but I think its still a useable backup tool.

    Saying that, I might be wrong, after all NO ONE AT KASEYA KNOWS WHEN I CAN HAVE IT !!ARGH!

  • Yes, you can capture a machine to the image repository and periodically update that image.

    Usefulness as a backup tool?  Depends.  Depends on how the images are periodically stored on the server.  If it's a full image being grabbed every time, forget it.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to be grabbing multi gigabyte/terabyte images over any network every hour.  If it's deduplicated and differential, that would be much better.

    Saying that, don't you think you should have researched your questions with the sales rep / kasyea technicial folks BEFORE buying licenses?  If you just have money to burn to try new things, send me a few thousand, please.

  • I did, they said they would look in to the questions and that, being a new product which wasnt released, they didnt have all the answers.

    On why I've ordered licenses before its been released, have you seen the deal on at the moment?

  • I have indeed, and it's a nice deal.  Kaseya likes it to because they get a LOT of people to waste money because they think 'OMG I GOT TO BUY THIS NOWWW' -- impulse buying ftw!

    You can negotiate with your sales rep if they are worth their salt and get good deals after the "BUY IT NOW OR LOSE IT" Kaseya "special".

    I know a lot of folks who wheeled around with the sales reps and actually gotten better deals for more licenses after the introductory deal, for less money.

    To each his own, though.  If I asked questions they didn't have the answers to because it was a new product I would:

    1. Ask when you're going to get me answers

    2. The introductory price will remain the same for me until I get those answers

    3. Wouldn't buy licenses without those answers

    4. Ask them why I should buy this product when obviously the person selling it to you doesn't know wtf it does


    As for Kaseya selling licenses for something that doesn't exist.... tisk, tisk!

    I hope it works out well for you -- these are just my opinions :)


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  • Trolling is frowned upon in this forum. Don't judge. Obviously he wants this tool asap because he believes it will help his business, and thinks its sold at a reasonable price.

    How good of a decision that is it not for you to slam, but if you have info on the release date, please feel free to add your info.

  • @ 

    It wasn't ever a good decision for me not to slam. That was never my initial intention, therefore it was no decision at all.  Like I said, I hope all works out for him, those were my opinions.  I never thought my opinion would be classified as trolling.  If anything, you just trolled me (and it worked, congrats!)

    Other's have posted their opinions about Kaseya's introductory pricing on these forums, as I just did.  If Kaseya wants to limit my free speech on these forums, or if Kaseya has any concerns over my conduct, Jeff, Brendan or even Gerald for that matter can send me a PM and address their concerns.

    Likewise, if you have anything you want to address to me, you can send me a PM, too.

    This will be my last post in this thread, as I've made my opinions on the matter clear.  Hopefully it will be your's as well, fearing you will "troll" me again. :)

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  • To the PM it is.

    For reference, I didn't write your name in my post, but you knew I was referring to your posts.

    Possibly because everyone else's posts referred to the release date, where as yours questioned the modes and methods of others.

    Simply something to think about.