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Virtualize servers problems with Acronis 10

  • Not sure if we are doing anything wrong,  but we had no problem virtualizng our proliant servers with acronis 9.7.  We could either use the kaseya gui or the Vcenter converter from Vmware.   With Acronis 10 we can not use the Vcenter converter (we downloaded last week) any longer we get an error "the source parameters are invalid" and if we convert using kaseya it works ok but when we try to load the server we get a blue screen.  VMware comes up with this error at the begining  "msg.disk.scsi.invalidDisk" when start the virtual machine.   Does anyone have any insight into this or has anyone tried to convert and was successful with Acronis 10.




  • VMware converter wont convert 10 image backups to Virtual Machines

    You have to restore using Acronis to virtual machine, then vmware converter can convert it to a virtual machine

    this is painful as it doubles the time to recover a machine