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BUDR Synthetic Fulls and Offsite

  • I am hoping that since the influencer committee is full of folks who have the most experience with Kaseya that maybe some of you may have some ideas on this subject.

    What time span are you specifying between fulls? One month, two months, more?
    I am assuming everyone is using daily incrementals between the fulls?
    How many sets are you keeping? I usually keep at least two.
    When does the offsite server do the actual stitching? It seems like if it completes the stitching process that the backups are good. Is that a good assumption? How can you tell if the stitching process has happened?
    We are planning to mount the images at least monthly on the offsite server to test the backups. How are you testing the offsite backups to make sure you can recover?
    Thanks a lot for your help,

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  • We used 28 day rotations with 2 sets but have since cut it down to 14 day rotations.

    It doesn't save you half the space like some people might assume but we did save 1/4 to 1/3 for most clients.

    If you have large Incrimentals then having full's more often could save you space.

    As for the stitching I have worked with the Dev's on this often as one of the testers. With 60+ servers and 100+ desktops I seem to be able to find good errors if they are out there to be had.

    The biggest thing missing in the Offsite Stitching is good logging and alerts. Feature requests have been put in for it and I am waiting for it to happen. Smile

    1 important thing to remember is that your Offsite server can only stitch 1 backup at a time. The database keeps track of which offsite server has backups pending and if they have all their files in place for it to happen. Once it has the files it will then wait in line for the Stitching to take place.
    You CANNOT watch your replication pages to see if a Stitch has taken place yet because it knows to discount the stitched file if it is waiting for the stitch to take place on the Offsite server still.

    As for really telling if you have offsite server stitching waiting.... My official answer is:
    1. that you can manually check your folders on your offsite server storage to see if the stitched file exists or not.
    2. if you notice that you have more backup folder sets on your local storage or your offsite storage that is a good indicator that something might be wrong. It could still be waiting on replication or its turn to stitch.
    3. If you pour over the backup logs for the day of the Synthetic backup as well as the next day you should hopefully see it show up in that log that it is complete. I don't trust this option myself.

    As for testing, we will randomly grab backups to make into Virutal servers. With our clients we are sometimes in the backups often doing file restores anyway that we count that as tested as well.

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