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Changing from on-premis to SaaS solution

  • Hi,

    We are thinking to change from Kaseya on-premis solution to the SaaS solution. Does anyone have thougth this through and can post some interesting answers over why to take the Kaseya Cloud solution?

    I can think about stuff like;

    * 99.5 % uptime

    * no more maintenance on kserver

    * no own hardware.


    Does anyone knows a few do's or maybe a few don'ts?


  • Hi Christian,

    This does sound like an interesting transition. The things I would want to investigate would be:

    * Latency - in particular Remote Control but also the general speed of the interface.

    * Modules - I am not sure what you are using and what is available in the cloud offering but I'm sure you've worked this out

    * Billing - One nice thing about on-premise is if you don't pay your Kaseya bill, all you lose is your maintenance, as opposed to cloud where if you don't pay your bill you lose everything.

    * Scripting - You can do a lot more with on-premise as, for example, you can trawl through the database easily etc. You might not think you're going to get that far into scripting now but if someone in your organization gets the scripting bug in the future - watch out! haha.

    I would also be curious to see what the ongoing costs are going to be in comparison to your maintenance costs as it is an interesting exercise.



  • Christian, as probably the biggest consumer of SaaS with our VirtualAdministrator division, I can tell you that the SaaS team has gotten it down to almost a science.  There have been major improvements, and they are reaching near feature parity with on-premise.  

    As part of your consideration, you will want to review all the modules that you are currently using, and verify that SaaS can provide you with the same modules.   Obviously cost is going to play a role, so be sure to price out everything you are using.

    Also be sure to consider any 3rd party vendors that you might currently be using on your existing system.  *(i.e.  Connectwise has a routine that runs on your SQL server to feed data back to CW server).    Some of these may not be compatible with SaaS.

    I think it is definitely worth considering, makes a lot of sense to leave the patching and management of the KServer to the experts!