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Reliability feedback and peer to peer questions.

  • We have had mixed results with software management.  Due to the issues on the initial implementation we moved away but are now moving back.
    We wanted to get the communities feedback on a few items:

    1. Feedback on reliability of Software Management module
    2. Is there a way to identify or select which agent is the caching source for the peer-to-peer caching?
    3. Is there a way to check if the agents are successfully using the peer-to-peer caching for the updates or pulling updates directly from VSA?

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  • #3 is easily answered ... if your bandwidth goes POOF, the agents are pulling the updates directly from the VSA ... We have had this happen every time we try Software Management and can not figure out how to get the Peer to Peer to work properly.

  • The p2p system has never been adequately documented. That which has been said has always been discussed in promotional webinars and the like, and spoken about in a future tense, as in its coming in future.

    I've not seen anything to suggest it actually works presently....eg no firewall rules, no apparent agent to agent communications in terms of network traffic etc.

    As far as I know its still a "coming" feature.