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Software Management: Third Party Software Updates + OS Updates: but no third party updates

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I've switched this this recently introduced Scan and Analysis profile in software management, mainly due to the issues with Kaseya Update strategy- old patches resurfacing, patches not applying.....

All Machines have 3rd party license enabled and a deployment schedule is enabled.

The problem is that either no third party patching is occurring, or I have no visibility of it. If I manaully check machines, I'm not seeing software updating (Chrome 2 versions old, adobe reader a few versions behind ...)

I raised this issue at my last technical account review and was told this strategy only patches the OS- now that just doesn't make sense. 

Is anyone else having issues with this, or perhaps just avoiding this approach?


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  • This is just one more reason I am counting dow to my contract end date. I have paid for this feature for almost three years and it does not work
  • Yes, I'm, looking at alternatives. I'd say that keeping 3rd party applications (and OS) patched is (probably significantly) more important than Antivirus.

    So I need to start looking at the investment in patching solutions as on par with AV investment.

  • Do you have a support ticket open on this case?  If so, please pm me with the details and I will assist.