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Software Management > Machines, how is this list of machines generated?

  • Relatively new to Kaseya so please bear with me,

    IN the Software Management > Machines page what designates that a machine will show up in this list? At first I thought it was if a machine had vulnerabilities identified. But I have several machines showing up that have 0 vulnerabilities.


  • Right now there are 73 machines showing up under Software Management -> Machines. There are 358 total machines. Shouldn't the number of machines be the same as in Agents -> Manage Agents?  Thanks!

  • SM - machines should show all machines, unless you have set a view / scope / machine group / machine view filter.

    It certainly does for us.

  •  that's what I thought but that's not what I am seeing. I have no filters or views set. And the number keeps changing.