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A lot of scanning Error messages

  • Hi all,

    I'm using Software Management for almost a year now. As of a few weeks i'm seeing a lot of Red Marks in the Pending Actions column. Clicking on the Red Mark a window pops-up that shows all the pending actions. All actions in the Actions column are Scanning Errors, with messages like: "patch scan file failed to download - {update name}.

    The weird part is that it is not showing that on all clients at a site, but more than a few...

    Does anyone have any clues? We are currently on VSA version But I had the same problems in earlier patch levels too.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • We have a ticket open on this right now.  Apparently this is yet another KNOWN ISSUE.  As in not a known issue when .22 was released?  More like an issue where the product does not do what the product is supposed to do.  According to support, SM incorrectly displays Vulnerabilities for any OS older than Windows 10 (at least on the Microsoft side).  The result of that are that any remaining Windows 7 machines are showing that they need patches from years ago, which is obviously not true.  We haven't however been brave enough to test the SM concept on Servers just yet, which is probably a good decision for now.  There are also other issues with 3rd party apps that fail download or fail install randomly as well.  Of course this is slightly better than .21  because now it at least deploys at the scheduled time and not randomly rebooting machines during business hours.  It fails to deploy a lot and tries to deploy the wrong patches, but at least it does it on time?  Progress I guess?

  • Elliot,

    Thanks for your answer. In my situation it is also applicable for Windows 10 clients. I see Windows 10 clients that need updates for build 1607 AND build 1709... ;-(

    And very strange, the Windows 10 laptop also needs update for Exchange Server 2013 CU22??!!

    Think I am gonna open a ticket with Kaseya.

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know the status of this issue? Does anyone has communication from Kaseya about this issue?

  • this is without a doubt one of the reasons i am counting down to the end of my contract.

  • I now have 2 tickets open - one for the Microsoft Patches in general (with no update so far) and now i have one for 3rd party patches.  Now i have been very slowly putting some groups on Software Management, however there are not too many Windows 10 machines in the groups I've chosen - however i'm sure its the same as Windows 7 needing patches from 2010 when Patch Management showed them all as fully patched before i moved them over.  The flip side of that is where 80%+ machines fail a simple Firefox update install.  So now that is ticket #2.  Awesome right?  Good thing I got these SM licenses for free.  I've had better results from Ninite scripts.  Excitement right?

  • Did anyone ever get this resolved.

  • Did you ever get the old patch issue resolved, I feel like my support tech is reinventing the wheel. All of my 2012 servers show 50-60 patches missing when PM shows current. My 2016 & 2019 servers are fine.