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Software Management - working?

  • I am hearing from my account rep and Kaseya exec(s) that Software Management is working great and that there are no issues.  Can I get some opinions on this?  We are still running KSDU and are very hesitant to change due to the issues/frustration thus far.

  • There has been very little change to Software Management since they released it.  We tried it, found it just wasn't scaleable and clogged networks.  Have not seen any published improvements that would make us look at it again.  

  • I've tried implementing it (it was the primary reason we left Labtech and came to this platform), and with only 500 ish agents deployed find it is completely unbearable during a scan.  We had to manually create 3 groups of machines for the 'Scan' and schedule it to run on 3 different days.   Even that killed our network (but not nearly as bad as when we had them all scanning).

    From a deployment standpoint, I kick off that on a friday at 5pm and we can't even use our internet until Sat night.

  • I totally agree with - the module is unacceptable and unusable as it is at the moment. In our network even our 120 internal machines would completely overwhelm our Kaseya server. Kaseya is aware of the work that needs to be done and has told me so, months ago. Only people who haven't tried to use it or use it in a very limited way could have positive things to say about it. To me that's really simple.

    I can only hope Kaseya has listened carefully and has fixed or is starting to fix the known issues. About 5 months ago they were hoping to bring out the new Software Management version with 9.6, but not with the first version. So, with the 30 day release cycle of patches a Windows 10 like update method is targeted by Kaseya and there won't be a big bang release of 9.6. If 9.6 get's released it's probably going to be a rename of something like or 17.

  • I'm still annoyed that they surprised us with the "oh by the way, Software Management creates a GIGANTIC folder in C:\Kaseya on the VSA server, you might want to account for that" thing.

    We're using it internally for patching, but not at any clients. I'm underwhelmed to say the least.

  • We have a Tech Brief on our website on optimizing the VSA storage layout, and one of the changes is a volume dedicated to EndpointDownloads because of Software Management. We increased the size 5 times during initial testing, and engineering recommended allocating 200G to it alone.


  • We wirte a procedure to delete the patches on the clients and let them stay only on 2 servers.