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Scan and Analysis makes Kaseya Performance horrible

  • We recently moved  from labtech to Kaseya (version  I have really enjoyed working with Kaseya (and we just moved from Connectwise to BMS and are happy with it).  The performance on the day to day usage of LT was painful.   The only time I see this on the Kaseya VSA side is right after the weekly Scan and Analysis is kicked off. 

    During onboarding the Professional services team suggested it should be run on Wed at noon to get as many machines as possible updated.  Apparently I'm a slow learner, and it took me a month of wondering why in the world our entire network was at a standstill on Wed afternoons.  The tech that actually helped us onboard said he had heard about this and changed it to wed at 5...  This isn't the actual deployment of patches, just the scan and analysis.

    We only have 500 agents deployed.  It's now scheduled for Mondays at 5pm, but we still notice performance issues (can't remote in using live connect) even now on Tuesday at 11am.

    What am I missing.  Surely 500 agents isn't that many?  Tech support (i'm on my second ticket with this) seems to tell me that this is normal.  Anyone else having this issue?  Anyone NOT having a problem with the performance when using the scan and analysis (again, not the deployment of patches, just scanning for vulnerabilities)

  • Do you have SAAs or On Prem?

  • On prem...

  • With a very substrantial dedicated server and I've moved it to my office, my datacenter and my house and all have at least 300gb down and 30 up...

  • Software management does tax the server but I have not seen it to the level you are describing since the 9.5 update that was released during Kaseya connect which addressed the performance issues(they claimed it cut the performance costs to 1/5 of what it was).

    So far we only have around 1000 out of the 8000 moved over, but I am moving over clients weekly to the Software Management, so far I have not seen anything significant to the level you are describing. We are on a 1GB/1GB burstable circuit, our VSA is virtual in VMware environment on fast SAN storage, 16GB RAM 16 Cores..I never see more than 4 of the 16 tap out at a time, anything above that is rare.

    If you aren't load balancing your scripts by utilizing policy, as well as not load balancing scanning / deployment schedules then maybe that would explain it. I separate scanning into groups for different intervals, I separate deployments as well. Perhaps that will help you, cheers.

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  • We initially experienced performance issues with SM as well, but after adding distinct storage volumes to VSA for different components/folders, the performance increased significantly. We're on Hyper-V with all SAS storage on a 10G iSCSI SAN. The guest has 4 cores and 16G RAM for 3000+ endpoints. As Brian mentioned, we do schedule the scans (via policy) over a 12-16 hour period and have separate scan days for servers and workstations.

    Register on our web site (www.mspbuilder.com) and you can access the Tech Notes in the Downloads section - it covers the storage layout we use internally and at most of our MSP clients.