We have hundreds of machines attached to a 'Scan & Analysis' profile which is defined to have 'Reject' on the 'Critical, Older Than 30 Days', all those patches have 'Vulnerable' status. Now, we wanted to deploy all these over 30-day critical patches to all machines.

I created a Override Profile with all of these 30-day patches 'approved' then attached to the machines, however patched didn't download to machines during Deployment. (I also tried created several Override profiles, each profile has 1 approved update, then attached all these Override Profiles to machines. No luck !)

The workaround methods are:

1. Go to that machine, select and deploy vulnerable patches 'manually'.

2. Delete Kaseya account (without uninstalling) from the console, once it reconnects to Kaseya, rescan it using another 'Scan' profile with 'Review' on the 30-day updates (Note: we do not like using 'Approve' on any 'Patch Impact' types), then approve and deploy 30-day patches using 'Deployment' profile.

Both methods are ok only if you have less than 50 machines.

Did I misunderstand how to use 'Override Profile" ? Or this is a bug ? Or this is 'Feature required' (hope not) ?

Any advise is appreciated.