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Looks like only old versions of Java available in the catalog

  • These need to be updated as soon as new versions come out, currently only showing old versions.

    Same with Flash. Not much use to us this module as yet.....

  • Well - We were wondering about this as well and it's not as clear cut as you think. The Kaseya story is the version you see in the list won't be the actual version Kaseya Software Management will provide you with. That's not really convenient, but the latest version should, after installing, do any update or upgrade needed to arrive at the latest and greatest version.

    How that leaves you in cases where you really want to use a specific version? I'm not sure, but do create a ticket to get some informed answer about it. We're testing the module at this time, but will wait for a few patches to clean up some unwanted issues, that we now have noticed.

    An excellent summary on issues you will notice, can be found here: community.kaseya.com/.../23858.aspx