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Patch differences patch management vs software management

  • Hi All,

    So we are looking into the new Software Management on the cloud platform and noticed something I wonder if others have noticed or not. I have a server that has been being patched for all Security and Critical patches (Update / Update roll-up / Service pack / Features / tools denied) though Patch Management for several months. So I was surprised when I set up a scan policy with Critical and Critical older than 30 days approved, recommended review, and virus removal reject it detects that there is at least 1 "critical older tan 30 days" for each of the last few months.

    I suppose I'm happy that Software management is picking these up but a bit disappointed that patch management has not. I haven't dug into how patch management may have classified these patches but the title is mostly "Security Only Quality Update", maybe these are being seen as one of the denied patche groups, but based on title alone it wouldn't seem like it.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  • Well night be able to tell why I see it in SM but not PM - It doesn't exist at all in PM. I took a few of the KB numbers that SM said were critical and searched for them in PM under "Approve by Patch" and zero results for like 4 out of the 4 I tired.  So maybe my question should be why are these Critical patches available in SM but not in PM?

  • I've noticed the same thing, but with a different scenario -- we've been using WSUS for several years in our environment and all critical and security updates are automatically approved and installed.  But Kaseya's Software Management shows dozens of missing patches when it scans.  I haven't looked into this, but my theory is that SM is showing ALL updates, including ones that have been superseded and aren't necessary.

  • Patch management is an important part of systems management that includes acquiring, testing & installing multiple patches to an administered computer system. It is commonly done by software companies as part of their internal efforts to fix issues with the different type versions of software programs.

    Software management includes common activities, such as versioning, building, testing, packaging, configuring, installing & distributing.