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Introducing Kaseya’s New Software Management Module

  • Centralized, automated patch management and software deployment are some of the most important arrows in the quiver of any IT pro, whether you’re managing your company’s machines or you’re an MSP providing services for dozens or hundreds of customers.

    Join us to explore Kaseya’s new Software Management module, which supports both OS patching and 3rd-party software distribution, for VSA. We’ll cover:

    • Cross platform patching and deployment for Windows and Mac
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Completely revamped and simplified profile-based configuration
    • Peer-to-peer patch and software distribution
    • And so much more!

    Webinar Details:

    Wednesday, May 17th at 11AM ET/ 5PM CEST or 6PM ET/ 3PM PT


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  • Is there a recording of the webinar? I got pulled away and ended up missing most of the one this morning, and am unable to attend the other times.

  • A recording will be made available within a few business days.

  • Are we going to be notified via email when it's available? I registered but missed the webinar entirely.


  • Is the recording available yet?

  • found it


  • I have been playing around with different Software Management (SM) scenarios.

    Does SM support deploying software within a 3rd Party Software Profile if it does not yet exists on a machine.

    If so, how to point to the "always latest" software version of apps and are we gonna be able to access the whole list of supported apps when doing so?

    The KSDU module have that feature and it really eliminates the need for scripting initial application deployments.


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  • We would need to create a lot of scripts to take care of our 3rd party software installs :(

  • Hi It's a patch management software not a software deployment module, so you cannot deploy software with.

    So, this module does not replace KSDU (even with ninite) at all it's complementary for me.

  • Are you sure it doesn't support SW Deployment? The original post states "Kaseya’s new Software Management module, which supports both OS patching and 3rd-party software distribution,"

    Also, the way third party software like java, flash, notepad++, VLC... is patched is generally by redeploying the newer version, not by applying an incremental bug fix.

    I thought this did combine KSDU and Patch Management into one location.

  • Software management includes OS patching for Macs and PCs, 3rd party deployment of software, and 3rd party software update.  OS patching is included with no additional cost.  3rd party deployment and update is licensed separately.