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Patch Strategy - OS+3rd Party Update

  • Under this Patch Strategy, when a 3rd Party update requires a restart on an endpoint, will users receive any communication via a dialog box?

    I was also wondering that under this method, if there is some sort of update history on 3rd updates applied?

  • Any deployments from Software Management are logged and placed in patch history.  This includes 3rd Party Updates as well.

  • Thanks Just trying to understand how these 3rd party updates are applied.

    Is the update downloaded and only applied when the application (say Chrome) is launched when a prompt for an update takes place?

    Or is the out of date software removed and reinstalled with the later version when not in use?

  • This typically depends on the vendor's behavior in the update process.  Most require the application to close in order to effectively apply the update (as such is the case with Chrome)

  • Thanks , I am planning to finally move away from Patch Management to SM and this Patch Strategy this week.

    On all internal tests, I have seen great success with the OS updates and just wanted to improve my understanding on the 3rd party update piece.

    May I ask if the end user receives any notification about the 3rd party update itself and also where the download is stored prior to the update being applied?

    I am assuming it will be a subdirectory of Kworking.

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