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Do I need to have a 3rd-Party Profile in order to update existing 3rd Party Software

  • I am currently set to using Third Party Software Updates + OS Updates.

    In order to patch existing 3rd party software do I actually need to have a 3rd-Party Software Profile assigned or not?

    3rd-Party Software Support has been enabled.

  • Also interested in this. We have a case open on this topic and are not getting (what feels like) a clear answer.

    We see no vulnerabilities reported when using the Third Party Software Updates + OS Updates, though a manual check shows outdated third party apps (Chrome, Firefox....). Applying a 3rd-Party Software Profile makes no difference to us in terms of vulnerability visibility.

    Kaseya are indicating that the items must be deployed via 3rd-Party Software Profile in order to patch. This makes no sense, as there are items listed as "Patchable" by software management, but not "Deployable".

  • Hey guys,

    The correct behavior of Third Party Software Updates + OS Updates is to allow Native Windows Management option along with Software Management's Third Party feature.

    We discovered an issue where when utilizing this patch strategy, it does not publish the third party application vulnerabilities present on the endpoint.

    This is being worked on starting next week.

  • Thanks Oscar, I appreciate the transparency you have provided. I'll check with my team, but I don't think we were getting a clear answer through the support channel.

  • I have also got some mixed messages about how Third Party Updates + OS Updates work from Support as well so it is good to have some clarity.

    Once working I do think this is the most simplified way of handling updates of this nature.

  • Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if there an update to the issue with 3rd Party Updates?

  • @Chris Y

    This is currently being worked on by our engineering team.  Once completed it will be shipped within a future release.

  • Hi Oscar,

    I see 9.5.1 patch release (12th September 2020) has come out but there is no mention of the fix issue with 3rd Party Updates with using native Windows OS patching.

    Are we likely to see this fix this side of the year? Otherwise I will have to revert to back Patch Management until further notice.

  • This correction will be delivered in our next feature release (which will be this year).