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Are Deployment Profiles that use the "Monthly" option broken?

  • I've had no luck patching machines using the "Monthly" deployment profile option since updating to the latest version of Kaseya. The deployment is just never attempted on the chosen time and day. Daily and Weekly still work however.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Could you message me with the details on your situation to understand better please?

  • Hi Oscar-

    I just heard back from a Kaseya support engineer. He has able to duplicate my issue in his test environment. There is open development ticket for this issue now.


  • Yes, it's still broken. Cesar told me this was only affecting December, but 90+% of my client servers have not patched since November. I just spent this past weekend pushing out updates manually using the Deploy Patches option in SM, which has to be done 1 server at a time, mind you. Not fun. So many bugs with this module!!!! I'm just learning today that deployment policies for workstations in general aren't working well either. I would say 70% of my workstations are in pretty bad shape, but if you go off of the reporting and dashboards, it makes you think it's not so bad. Horrible product.

  • I had problems with monthly patches not deploying and found that removing the blackout window resolved the problem (even though the window did not overlap the scheduled patching).

  • After Kaseya Connect in Amsterdam I had a good hope Sofware Management might be functionally improved. I gave it 2 months, but I have no choice but to forget about this and fast. This is a disaster.

    A spot check for 2 reasonably important servers showed no installed patches for this month. Although a scan was performed and the profiles for scan and deployment should certainly have resulted in at least 3 or 4 patches being installed on both machines. It seem the blackout window issue could explain this. But, if this function is not working, why keep it active and cause all these errors?

    A similar check on a few workstations has better results for installed patches, but there are so many errors and  pending actions and there's no way to show or tell what patches are actually installed from Software Management. I selected all notebooks in our envirionment starting with the letter 'd'. All six of them have issues with Pending Actions, Five out of six have Scanning Errors and the one that hasn't refuses to remove a reboot as Pending Action. I can't be responsible for such a mess.

    Mind you all our machines were at least 95% correct in good old Patch Management....