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Scan and Analysis shows patches from 2010

  • we continue to see endpoints reporting patches missing from 2010 2011 and other early 201# years. these are endpoints that have been online for years, some were patched with the old patch management others were under WSUS control, but neither of those reported these old patches. have others seen this? anyone know how/why these are showing up?

  • I'm experiencing the same thing. I usual end up making an override for those old and unnecessary patches.

  • It would be nice if Kaseya would take action to deal with this efficiently, not sure if that will happen. I've not seen many plans along those lines....

  • If its Critical, older than 30 days, than it is a critical patch that has not been superseded.  They you would need to determine for your environment if you want them approved or rejected.

  • - I wouldn't care to install patches of years and years ago. Even if they're not officially replaced with other patches, files could be changed and replaced with other versions. Functionality and dependencies are a fluid state of affairs in Microsoft country. I wouldn't trust Microsoft to be consistent in what they install in such cases as our experiences with Microsoft and concistency can only be called below par....

  • The problem is that a lot of old patches are flagged as needed when they are not. I see of lot of Critical patches for Window 10 1809 being needed on machines running 1903 and showing the machines as vulnerable. The scan analysis does not work, and the reporting even less.

  • I've had some weirdness such as the Patch status grid showing e.g. Missing Approved - 2. the 2 is a hyperlink, clicking on the 2 opens a details popup listing the missing patches. Except no missing patches are shown!!

    I've also experienced setting a global override DENY yet the machine still showing the patch as missing-approved.

    Right now my VSA seems to have cleared up and all is fine, but it's certainly occurred on several occasions, and it makes a right mess of our reporting as a result.

    NB: this was all in classic Patch Management, not Software Management Sorry if this was confusing.

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