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Is Software Management Dead?

  • So is this still limping along? Where are we with this module? Why have patches not been addressing this modules short comings?

  • Another important feature would be throttling. When our SM runs, it completely crushes our available bandwidth at our datacenter. There needs to be a way to limit how hard this hits the server so that we can continue to use the VSA during patching windows without massive delays and timeouts.

  • There is supposed to be major surgery performed on SM in the coming patches. The patch is a first step and should make a lot of difference if all goes well. Fingers crossed and time to take another look at SM after that patch comes out....

  • @qvanorder I was just working through these same issues. (bandwidth getting crushed) As it turns out, I just had too many endpoints using the same scan/analysis and deployment policies. I was informed that I shouldn't be assigning more than 100-150 endpoints to the same policy, as all endpoints on the same policy tend to hit the bandwidth at the same time causing a bottleneck. After, creating new policies (that are scheduled at different times/days throughout the week) I have noticed a marked difference and everything is running much more smoothly. Not sure this will help in your environment, but thought I'd chime in here. Cheers!

  • based on this and many other issues i have also experienced. i have a countdown to contract renewal date and plan on switching. I am so tired of support from India etc etc etc...  also anytime you ask why something does not work they want to sell you another product to do what this should already be doing. the entire product causes me to not have another issue to deal with rather than it helping me it is bogging me down.

  • i had to setup bandwidth management on my firewall to just be able to function. the datacenter almost shut down when SM tried to do updates to my clients.  i have over 5,000 endpoints i am trying to patch and support tells me the solution is to not do more than 500 at a time. how the heck do i get weekly patching to work when you do the math it just does not add up.  Basically i switched back to PM and am not doing 3rd party patching but yes i pay for it but i do not get anything for what a pay. makes me sick.

  •   Feel your pain - we have 6500 endpoints and after multiple executive calls claiming that they are addressing the issues we have decided to move away from Kaseya.  It seems that they are to preoccupied by purchasing other companies than fixing their basic product.  

  • - That is sad news, I'm sorry to see such a familiar name go. We agree with the pain, and certainly understand I can't say we haven't been tempted over the years to just give up. But, we're still going to stick it out and trust in Kaseya.

    The competition in our last review wasn't worth the trouble of moving to any of the products we looked at. But, I can't say it's a surprise to see disillusioned veterans chuck it in. Good luck to you sir!

  • Tim, just out of interest what are you moving to?

  • Also what is happening regarding patch, there are supposed to be more fixes for Software Management so lets get it happening.

  • Update --- Software Management Distribution Window to be delivered this week with .23 along with about 10 bug fixes.

    Scaled SaaS release from the 21st - 28th

    On-Premise release scheduled for the 25th