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deny a patch that was already approved

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we had SQL SP4 accidentally get approved. luckily (i think) it tried to install twice but failed. now that its failed, i want to revoke or deny this patch so it doesnt try to install it again next week. is there a way to do this in the GUI? i can't seem to find anything.

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  • So, even though theInfo Centre report showed the Citrix patch as Denied, if I deloy all patches, the Citrix update was installed. Why?? What is the point of a system that cannot reliably deny a patch?

    Yes, I can make sure that if I manually deploy I omit the Citrix updates but what about the scheduled deployment? What if I or a colleague accidently includes them?

    This failure makes Third Party patching - something for which Kaseya charges extra - pretty much unusable, which therefore puts us in a very difficult position with our customers.