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Software Management Reporting

  • We are testing this new module.  Historically our clients have received reports via Patch Management scanning that displays a nice simple table of Machine Name, and how many patches are installed / Missing.

    How can we produce similar reports based off the new Software Management module?  I have had a look in the Info Centre module but cannot see anything that we can use.

  • Hi ,

    You explore the data sets for software management that exist in Info Center > Report Parts. There you will find a data set titled Count of Completed Patches that will include the machine Id and count of patches. The Current Vulnerabilities data set will allow you to call the machine Id and perform a count on the patch identifier. It will require some custom configuring, but it should allow you to report on the same details.

    If you are having trouble creating this report I would suggest submitting a ticket with our help desk. An Info Center tech should be able to walk you through the process.

  • @Jo Bower - This is not a solution to solve your request.  As a work around to retrieve the view of Software Management, I used the select all (clt+A), copy the content (clt+C), open Excel, and paste with only text.  Afterward, I manipulate the data how I want.

    The reporting module from Info Center is not easy to use and difficult to create.  I'll be opening a ticket with Support to see if they can help me with this.