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a few teething issues

  • We are having a few initial teething issues with SM.

    Macs cant be managed in SM if you have the "prevent an agent from running both patch management and software management at the same time" ticked. This is despite macs not being manageable in PM. The "filters" that check this function should not be excluding macs.

    profiles - scan and analysis - select a profile, under machines assigned there is an add button - clicking add always displays an empty list.

    most of the time but not always, when you save settings under configuration - settings, you receive a timeout error (but the settings are saved successfully).

    The browser debugger console is logging thousands of errors in the SM page - usually "Error <tspan> attribute: x: expected length, "<nan>". and other similar errors - source being ext-all.js:18

    profiles - Deploying is for applying windows updates

    Profiles - 3rd-Party software is for applying third party updates

    Why are you lumping the "scan" and "deploy" jobs under the same heading? It's badly worded. Scan jobs and deploy jobs needs to be under separate sections, or at least far more clearly labelled. It's confusing as heck as it stands, to lump everything together in one section.

    Similarly, alerting should be under configuration, as it is in the Cloud Backup and Antivirus module  -- surely all the modules should follow the same logical groupings of functions?

  • Also, most of our KB overrides didn't migrate from PM. We have around 40 PM KB overrides. Only 7 of these were migrated to SM. Why not the other 30+ ???

  • Craig, how do you have access to the SM module?

  • I'm on the Beta programme. However, SM is available to users now - there was a webinar a few days ago announcing GA; apparently Kaseya will enable SM on everyone's licences over the next few weeks.

    As usual, talk to your rep/success person if you want access faster.

  • Thanks

    Seems that the module still need some adjustements even that the Beta phase is ended.

  • I did a patch run last week on my VSA, Software Management still wasn't an option. Maybe we're not missing out?

  • Software Management will be included as General Availability in 9.5.  At this time, it is in a "Controlled Release" phase (which generally follows our BETA cycle, whether for the VSA as a whole or an individual module).  If you're interested in Software Management as part of 9.4, please get in touch with your Customer Success Advocate or email success.team@kaseya.com.  They'll be able to provide you with availability and get you through the appropriate processes or let you know if you'd need to wait for GA in the 9.5 release.