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AAoD Update?

  • There was a last minute notification yesterday of maintenance to AAoD and I can see the version number has now incremented to

    Are there release notes for this update?

  • They should be released soon.

    If not, I will post them on the forum.

  • The release notes were just sent through the AuthAnvil notification; you will receive them in an emial notification and can review them from the notifications in your AuthAnvil portal.

    Here they are as well:

    Release Notes: AuthAnvil v. 1.0.27

    May 2018

    The current release of AuthAnvil on-Demand contains bug fixes.

    The following bug fixes are part of release

    [IAMV-7506] – Due to a bug in DirSync, multiple "account created" emails were being received by customers. This was fixed.

    [IAMV-7529] – Due to a bug in DirSync, users who were synchronized from Active Directory were sometimes erroneously sent a password reset prompt. This was fixed.

    [IAMV-7433] – Due to a bug in DirSync an alternative principal name was sometimes destroyed when a user was changed to active. This was fixed.

    [IAMV-5247] – Sometimes two failed attempts at login with OTP did not disable the login attempt. This was fixed.

    [IAMV-5683] – The Windows Credential Provider previously could only override the 2FA requirement for whitelisting. You may now override the 2FA policy to blacklist as well.

    [IAMV-7293] – Previously there was an option for Administrators to change their tenant domain. This option was removed. To change a domain name, contact your AuthAnvil account manager.

    [IAMV-7339] – Because of a DirSync bug, extra customer licenses were sometimes used at a DirSync run. This was fixed.    

    [IAMV-7460] – Previously an SSO application could not be added to two federated organizations. Now, an AuthAnvil tenant administrator can add an SSO application to two organizations.

    [IAMV-7474] – The dropdown for creating an organization has been removed from the Getting Started page.

    [IAMV-7587] – In some cases, users in a child organization could not be made active on creation via a provisioning policy. This was fixed.

    Legacy Policy Upgrade Note

    [IAMV-7459] – In the current release, the feature to automatically migrate unsupported legacy policies from AuthAnvil v. 1.x has been removed. Customers may re-create policies using the Policy interface in AuthAnvil On-Demand. This prevents customers from unintentionally migrating policies that were created for legacy hardware and systems and may introduce security risks.

  • Thanks.

    There was no notification in the portal.

    Also what is the intended notification period for maintenance? We were informed with very short notice.

  • I recommend to subscribe to our status page via kaseya.net

    More on the thread below:


  • Hi Oscar, I already have.

    But, the maintenance window was only posted to the status page with a few hours' notice.