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BMS Workflow Exclude CC on email notification

  • Hi Everyone,

    Is there a workflow or a way to exclude a CC'ed email address on BMS Email Notification? I've created this workflow to always send an email notification whenever a ticket is created/updated on the client's account even if he is not CC'ed, the problem is, whenever that user was added on CC he'll receive 2 emails (I have 1 normal workflow that will email everyone included on the ticket, e.g. Ticket Contact, CCed and the agents).


  • I hope somebody jumps in and corrects me, but no—not in my experience. I have managed Kaseya BMS for my team since implementation 1.5 years ago. The symptoms you described are exactly why we moved away from automatic workflows. They are just too messy, and do more harm than good.

    1. With automatic workflows, you can't update a time entry or note without it re-sending everything to the client. That means you can't edit internal notes, work type, can't fix a typo, etc. Everything is permanent.

    2. CC'd addresses are static. If a client ever updates their email (rare, but it does occur), those values won't change. This was an issue for us on older tickets, and it even caused us to lose a client. My boss was emailing the point of contact for weeks and he was not receiving any of those emails because his alias changed and my boss was sending to an address he no longer looked at.

    3. If a contact is CC'd on a ticket that they are also the primary contact for, they get two emails for everything. This seems harmless, but it's extremely easy for these conditions to occur in the wild. If I email the contact through the ticket, then they reply and CC their boss, this automatically adds their boss as a CC'd address on the ticket. Then, let's say the boss replies to the ticket with the primary contact CC'd—now the primary contact is automatically CC'd on the ticket, meaning they'll get two copies of everything, and it was completely beyond my control. This is impossible to monitor and proactively resolve.

    All three of these things Kaseya has been unable to fix, and the bottom two are working as intended. Unfortunately CSAT surveys REQUIRE automatic workflows, so it's a pick your poison situation:

    1. Live with the issues above and use CSAT surveys.

    2. Prevent all the issues above, but at the expense of not being able to use CSAT surveys.

    Let me know if you'd like to pick my brain about anything else! Good luck!

  • Hi

    In Admin > Service Desk > Email Parser > You can disable "Add CCs to Tickets".  We have this disabled because we did not want them be bombarded with information they don't need.

    You can definetly only have notes sent to customers and not time entries.  In your workflows all you need to do is set your "Acitivty Type" to "Activity"  This is the section for notes.  If you leave off everything else your customer will only receive an email on public facing notes on each ticket.

    Hopefully, that helps.

  • Hi John_CST

    This defeats the purpose of the tickets, there are some instances where a ticket will require a clients to be looped in on the CC, instances like when multiple users were affected by an issue.

  • Hi mwright,

    So it was really a known issue or it is intended. Thanks for sharing your experience, it really helps.