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Email Template Variable [%AllActivityDetails%] Creates Infinite Notes Loop

  • Howdy folks—

    Kaseya BMS obviously has workflows that are able to send template-based emails when certain Service Desk (ticketing) conditions are met. For example, if a help desk engineer updates a ticket, an email will automatically get sent to the ticket contact and any CC'd addresses containing the engineer's update, word-for-word. This does work as intended, at its core.

    However, despite [%AllActivityDetails%] existing as a variable that can be used in email templates, it actually can't be used. At least—not without creating an infinite notes loop. Consider this real-world example:

    1. I'm an engineer—I update a help desk ticket with a few sentences, and click Save.

    2. My client receives an email containing my update. At the bottom, they're able to see all of the ticket notes, because that's what [%AllActivityDetails%] is for. They reply "Thanks!!".

    3. Within the ticket, I see their reply, with the entire email chain/history in their reply. At this point, all of the ticket notes are now in the ticket, twice—once where they were originally created, and second—in the client's reply.

    4. I email them another update through the ticket

    5. They receive an email containing my update, and at the bottom, they see all of the ticket notes. One of the ticket notes is ALL of the ticket notes, as it's nested within their prior reply.

    6. They reply "Thanks!!"

    7. The ticket now has FOUR copies of ALL the ticket notes, because they're becoming nested even further.

    As you can see, this pattern can continue infinitely, and the notes become exponentially nested after every single reply. Kaseya says this is working as intended. This is easy for them to say, since they use Zendesk, which doesn't have this problem.

    Has ANYONE else been able to figure out a workaround to this problem? ConnectWise figured it out. We used ConnectWise Manage for years, and it did not have this problem. We took it for granted I guess.


  • I don't use BMS, but isn't there:

    1) a way to differentiate between a technician note and a customer note?


    2) something like "*** Reply above this line ***" that will have the mail processor drop everything below?

    If not, those are major omissions.

  • Wow—you are absolutely right. There's a reply separator field that will trim all excess information below the line. I'm thrilled you came to my aid—THANK YOU! I'm also puzzled as to why Kaseya didn't mention this while they worked my support ticket. That's weird...

    Have a GREAT DAY!