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BMS Create Tickets with E-Mail Variables?

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Good afternoon everyone, 

I'm looking to see if BMS can take variables from an email and parse them into the ticket. Our Help Desk answering software can send emails based on call information and manually inputted data. An example, it can send with this information.

E-Mail Subject: (Account Variable) (Room Number Variable) - (Issue variable) - (Status Variable)

E-Mail Body:

(Requester Variable)

(Call Trace Information)

Incident Details

Information of Ticket goes here.

Is there a way to have Kaseya parse that information into the appropriate fields via an e-mail or work flow?


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  • Supposedly you can do it in a workflow.  You can check the email subject (title) and email body (details) for when an email comes in.  I would append some kind of symbol on your keywords, like #Account Variable# and have it check for those; however, even though the amount of fields you can check are abundant, the amount of fields you can update is actually kind of limiting.  

    I've never tried this yet, so let me know if it works.  

  • Our Intelligent Ticket Processing engine would be able to read/parse the subject and body and append a set of formatted values to the body (on the fly) that BMS could parse with workflows if modifying your answering software would be too difficult. The only change on your end would be to send emails to VSA instead of BMS so they can be pre-processed (and creating the BMS workflows, of course).

    Our ITP processes all VSA Alarms and Tickets and delivers a consistently formatted and easily parsable subject line to any PSA. Event to Procedure auto-remediation, time based event filtering, and after-hours notifications of on-call staff are all part of the solution.


  • This works, but in the work flows you have to specify each account in the "Title Like" section of conditions. Then you can set the updates to "Account", the problem is I'll have to make 50 work flows. Do you know if it's possible to make this variable instead?