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BMS (v4.0.23) - 29 June 2019

  • Hey Guys,

    Here are the release notes of BMS:


    This release adds the following enhancements:

    • Ad-hoc Reports - 20 new reports have been added to the Ad-hoc Reports system folder. 48 Hour Ticket Inactivity, Accounts Past Due, Project Over Budget, SLA Breach, and more. (BMS-9246)
    • Billing Automation -
      • From and To date filters allow you to specify the date range for Billable items. These filters can now be aligned with the 1st day or last day of a monthly or weekly period. From and To dates are always determined relative to the Job Schedule date. For example, say you want to generate Invoices on the 20th of each month for next month's recurring services - the screenshot shows these example settings: (BMS-8268)

        Note: The Start of the date interval option specifies Sunday when combined with a weekly setting, or the 1st when combined with a monthly setting. The End of the date interval option specifies Saturday or the last day of the month. The Calendar Days option specifies a fixed number of days: 7 per week or 30 per month.


    • German Language (Beta) can now be selected via Company Settings. The German language is currently available as a Beta. Suggestions for translation improvement can be submitted via a Support Ticket. (BMS-9210)
    • REST API -
      • A count function has been added to all GET endpoints so that users can now get counts based on certain filters. (BMS-8267)
      • Added an endpoint that can be used to enable/disable BMS-IT Glue Integration. (BMS-9106)
      • Accounts imported via API now take the Company Default Currency from Company Settings. (BMS-9039)
    • RMM Integration - Admin > Service Desk >RMM Integration Settings > Asset Mapping - The following tooltip has been added to the Overwrite/Sync Warranty Expiration Date for Agent Machines option: Answer 'Yes' to set Warranty Expiration date based on VSA, or 'No' to ignore the Warranty data in VSA. (BMS-9202)
    • Tickets -
      • You can now filter tickets by Ticket Owner with these options: Unassigned and not in a Queue, Unassigned and in a Queue, Assigned to Anyone, and Check All (the default). (BMS-5222)
      • The Customer Info dialog now includes any custom fields that have been defined for the Contact. (BMS-8863)
      • The Ticket Assignee and Secondary Assignee lists are now restricted to only those employee users who have access to the ticket via their Scope assignment. (BMS-9247)
    • Workflows - Admin > Business Process > Workflow > Notifications > Resources - You can now opt to send notifications to the person that created a ticket by configuring the new Created By option. (BMS-9245)


    This release includes the following bug fixes:

    • Ad-hoc Reports - Fixed a display issue that caused menu items to disappear when clicking on the report page. (BMS-9640)
    • Billing Automation - Fixed an issue with updating job parameters that could prevent the job from running on the day the updates were applied. (BMS-7553)
    • Cytracom - The Outgoing Phone button no longer displays in the Contact popup for a client portal. (BMS-9312)
    • Email Parser -
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent tickets from being created due to a case sensitivity mismatch between the From Address in the email and the From Address stored in the database. (BMS-9432)
      • Fixed an issue where sync to IT Glue would fail if the email did not contain a valid Contact Phone. (BMS-9282)
    • Invoices - Fixed an address issue that could occur when regenerating an invoice. (BMS-9610)
    • IT Glue Integration -
      • Updated the Important Contacts tooltip. (BMS-9253)
      • Fixed the 404 error encountered when trying to open a password URL that was imported from IT Glue without an http/https prefix. (BMS-9254)
    • Outlook Calendar -
      • HTML tags no longer display in activity or service calls sent from BMS to the Outlook online calendar. (BMS-9281)
      • HTML tags no longer display in the Outlook online calendar when the text contains < or >. (BMS-9283)
    • Performance - When pushing Template settings to multiple child instances, a timeout limit was preventing successful completion of the process. This has been corrected. (BMS-9616)
    • Project Management - Fixed an issue with the Add Task (A) keyboard shortcut initiating the wrong action. This was due to the (A) shortcut also being used as the shortcut for Archive Project. With this fix, (A) now adds a task and (Z) now archives a project. (BMS-9048)
    • RMM Integration - For assets imported from VSA, the Machine Group ID, OS Type, and Version (Major) are now imported in the correct format. (BMS-7959)
    • Sales Order - The Save, Add New, and Delete buttons are now disabled upon voiding a sales order. (BMS-9258)
    • Service Desk -
      • Service Desk Dashboard - Fixed an issue with executing ticket counts from the Tickets By Queue dashlet. (BMS-9408)
      • Tickets - Fixed an issue where the ticket Open Date created for a child account could be incorrect due to using the time zone of the parent account. (BMS-9502)
    • Timesheets - Fixed a rounding error with the Overtime Spent calculation that could occur in cases where the End Time contained seconds (e.g., End Time: 08:36:19.0000000). (BMS-9664)
    • Workflows - Fixed an issue where ticket CC options were not included when pushing workflows to BMS child tenants. (BMS-9257)
    • REST API - Corrected the REST API documentation to indicate that the Attachments Module ID for Expense Entries is 85 (rather than 185). (BMS-9617)

  • Good-day all:

    I think we found two bugs with this update.  

    1) When you go to My Tickets and search by Ticket Owner by checking all except 'Created by Me', it will display tickets that belong to your queue; however, if you check all to include 'Created by Me', it does not display tickets that are in your queue.  

    2) If you go to My Queues and click on a queue, then click on a ticket to view, the green numbers on your queues all turn to 0.  

    Anyone else experience this?