Hey Team,

Here are the latest release notes from our BMS/Vorex update.  Some pretty exciting features included.


BMS (v4.0.19) - 23 February 2019

This release continues our focus on architecture, performance, and feature improvements - here are a couple of the feature highlights:

  • Recurring Service Contracts - Billing periods can now be based on the Contract Start Date instead of the calendar year, providing more flexibility in how you bill your clients.
  • Merged Tickets - Notifications can now include both the original and new ticket numbers resulting in better visibility an clearer communication to end users.
  • Internal Test Fixes (an inside view) - We've included a number of minor fixes related to our rigorous internal testing efforts over the last few release cycles. These fixes have never been reported by customers, and each of them is very minor, yet we feel that the cumulative effect of these fixes results in an improved user experience overall.

See these topics for a summary of all enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Enhancements
  • Fixes


This release adds the following enhancements:

  • Ad-hoc Reports - Added the ability to report and filter on survey scores. (BMS-7013)
  • Contracts - Recurring Service Contract billing periods can now be established based on the Contract Start Date or based on the Calendar Year as before. For example, a monthly contract based on Start Date beginning on January 17 would have billing periods that begin on the 17th and end on the 18th of each month. A monthly contract based on Calendar year would have the first period beginning on January 17th and ending January 31st (prorated first month), and each subsequent period would begin on the 1st of the month and end on the last day of the month.(BMS-3901)




  • Continuum Integration - Added the ability to define the Default Ticket Owner for Continuum Integrations. (BMS-2446)
  • Exports from list views - To enhance performance, Export All now exports a maximum of 2000 records at a time.(BMS-7819)
  • Projects - Task status is now set to New by default. (BMS-6656)
  • REST APIs -
    • POST/PUT/GET Ticket - Added Set/Get Sender name and email. (BMS-7303)
    • POST/PUT/GET Ticket Note - Added Set/Get Sender name and email. (BMS-7304)
    • POST/PUT/GET Ticket Note - Added the ability to upload attachments. (BMS-7340)
  • Tickets - For merged tickets, you can now include the original and new ticket numbers in customized notifications.(BMS-7336)


This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Accounts -
    • Fixed an issue where accounts imported from VSA did not contain the default Service Type value. (BMS-7577)
    • Fixed an issue where values entered in non-required fields (such as sales tax items) were not saved. Users would have to enter and save the values a second time for settings to persist. (BMS-7793)
  • Ad-hoc Reports -
    • Fixed an issue where ad-hoc reports did not include a system version (for example, 4.0.19). (BMS-7736)
    • Fixed an issue with the Account Filter timing out for reports that contain a large number of tickets. (BMS-7760)
  • Admin > Service Desk - Fixed an issue where deleting a Ticket Type, Issue Type, or Ticket Priority could fail due to a timeout error. (BMS-7753)
  • Billing automation -
    • Italian translation added. (BMS-4274)
    • Fixed an issue where the recurrence setting was not preserved in some scenarios. (BMS-6258)
  • Client Portal -
    • The bell notification icon no longer displays for non-administrator users. (BMS-4795)
    • For Retainer By Hours contracts, the Prepaid Hours Summary label was mislabeled Hours Per Month. This label has been changed to Hours Per Contract. (BMS-5636)
  • Contracts - Fixed an issue where a new contract could not be created after updating another contract's Contract Number to a 1-character value. When attempting to save the new contract, an Invalid length parameter passed... error displayed. (BMS-6279)
  • Continuum Integration - Fixed an issue where workflow updates to tickets were not added to Continuum. (BMS-7007)
  • CRM -
    • When deleting an Account Location, its custom fields are now also deleted. (BMS-5275)
    • CRM Dashboard Report - Fixed the chart so that dates now display in the correct order. (BMS-7560)
  • Dispatch Calendar - Fixed a display issue where the entire End by Date was not visible. (BMS-6545)
  • HR - Fixed an issue where an error displayed when attempting to save an Employee after deleting attachments. (BMS-7052)
  • Invoices -
    • Fixed an issue where, if multiple discounts exist, default values would display in the Add/Edit window when editing the last discount in the list. (BMS-5776)
    • Fixed an issue with voiding partial payments where the invoice status remained Partially Paid after the payment had been removed. (BMS-5850)
    • Fixed an issue where apostrophes in detail line items did not print correctly. (BMS-7773)
  • LiveConnect - Fixed a protocol issue that prevented LiveConnect from running correctly in some (not all) versions of the Chrome browser. (BMS-4059)
  • My Expense Reports -
    • Fixed an issue where an error displayed when attempting to edit a posted expense entry. (BMS-6982)
    • Inactive users can no longer be added for approval or receive approval notifications. (BMS-7492)
    • My Timesheets - Fixed an error that prevented searching for tickets by Status. (BMS-4175)
  • Products -
    • Product Charges - Add/Edit window - Qty in Stock and Qty to Deliver fields have been modified to display decimal values.(BMS-3935)
    • Fixed an issue where the supplier's Currency value was not included when importing products by using Excel. (BMS-7841)
  • Profile Image - Image files cannot exceed 500 KB. This message now displays when attempting to upload a larger image: This file exceeds the maximum allowed size of 500 KB. (BMS-4499)
  • Projects -
    • Fixed an issue where the Multiple Projects Gantt page could not be displayed. (BMS-6972)
    • Fixed an issue where an error displayed when attempting to delete a sub task. (BMS-7048)
  • QuickBooks - Fixed an issue where exporting invoices to QuickBooks could fail with the error: Failed to add Non- Inventory Part Item yyy. Reason: The name ‘yyy’ of the list element is already in use. (BMS-7450)
  • Services -
    • Fixed an issue with editing the Income Account or Expense Account where the Service could not be saved if HTML tags were included in the account description. (BMS-7426)
    • Fixed an issue where discounts were not applied to the Unit Price and Total amounts in Service Quotations. (BMS-7499)
  • Tickets -
    • Fixed an issue where an Invalid Data error displayed when attempting to add a service call to a ticket. (BMS- 7010)
    • For recurring master tickets, the End On field now enforces the weekly limit of 100 recurrences. (BMS-7313)
    • Fixed a formatting issue with printed tickets. If the ticket details contained HTML syntax errors (such as a missing closing tag), the format of the printed output did not display correctly. (BMS-7461)
    • Fixed an issue with adding time via API where the EmployeeUsername in Timelogs contained the API user. EmployeeUsername now contains the name of the user that added the time. (BMS-7551)
    • Fixed an issue where Create Asset could add assets to multiple account locations. This could happen if Create Asset was selected after adding and editing a ticket charge for an account with multiple locations. (BMS- 7569)
  • Users -
    • Fixed an issue where adding or reactivating a CSX Support user could fail with this error: Warning! You have reached your license cap with the number of Active Employees accounts. New active employees cannot be added, even if an unused license was available. This could happen once all licenses had been used, and then one or more licensed users had been deactivated. The licenses of deactivated users were not being removed from the in use license count. (BMS-7834)
    • Fixed an issue where Support Users could not be activated if the Tenant's Job Title, Department, and Role were not set to the default values. (BMS-7898)
  • Xero -
    • Italian translation added. (BMS-4275)
    • Fixed an issue where importing updated payments failed with this error: Error 500. (BMS-4353)
    • Fixed the Sort By functionality in Xero invoice export. (BMS-5687)