Hey Guys,

Happy New Year!

Here are the latest release notes from our BMS v.0.18 update.


This release continues our focus on architecture, performance, and feature improvements - here are a couple of the feature highlights:

  • Reports Refresh - All canned reports have been moved to the BI / Ad Hoc reports engine, providing a new level of flexibility for reporting and eliminating prior restrictions with the legacy approach.
  • Account Alerts - Ability to configure Alert messages that are surfaced in key areas of the CRM and Service Desk. For example: “Itasca Office will be shutdown for the holiday period. All staff should be offsite.” could be set to display for all New Tickets, while the message “Call CIO for authorization before creating new account contacts.” could be set at the Account Detail level.

See the topics below for a summary of all enhancements and bug fixes in this release.


This release adds the following enhancements:

  • Reports refresh - All system provided reports are now powered by the BI engine (the same engine that powers Ad Hoc Reports), allowing any report to be scheduled, emailed, and custom filtered at runtime. We’ve also reviewed the system provided reports and resolved a number of bugs and performance issues. Reports can be launched from the Reports menu as before, and they can also be found in a new 'System' folder under Ad Hoc Reports where you can make copies of the reports that can then be customized to meet your needs. (BMS-3137) (BMS-7171)
  • QuickBooks - Added the ability to select the Default Tax Rate when exporting invoices. (BMS-4117)
  • REST API - Added the ability to add a Retainer By Hours Contract. (BMS-5155)
  • On any Account, you can now configure Alert messages that display on the Account, and on any new or existing tickets for the Account. (BMS-5377)
  • For projects with the setting Allow Weekend No, the selection of weekend Start and End Dates is now prevented. (BMS-5553)
  • Added a Recurring Contract Profit and Loss Report to the built in ad-hoc system reports. (BMS-6934)
  • Added an Ad Hoc Report object that can be used to improve performance when joining Tickets to Notes. (BMS-7012)
  • Hardened security by preventing Google indexing from exposing client names in links to the login page published on client websites. (BMS-7045)
  • QuoteWerks Connector - Now supports adding large descriptions for products and items. (BMS-7049)
  • QuickBooks Online Invoice Export - Modified wording of Invoice Status. (BMS-7369)
  • Blocked the ability to execute files from the Attachment folder. (BMS-7451)
  • Hardened security by blocking certain file extensions in email attachments. (BMS-7455)
  • The Email parser now skips attachments larger than 20 MB. (BMS-7456)


This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • CRM Quotations API - Unique Quotation Numbers are now enforced. (BMS-2266)
  • Fixed an issue where only one timestamp was being updated when a contact's Phone Type was modified. Both Contact timestamps are now updated. (BMS-4306)
  • Fixed an issue where Company News was using an incorrect time zone. The time zone of the user is now used. (BMS-5882)
  • Fixed REST API Documentation for GET servicedesk/tickets. (BMS-6792)
  • Fixed an issue with Contract Updates via API where Billing Price was not being recalculated correctly. (BMS-6903)
  • Recurring Master Ticket - Fixed an issue where service call time was displaying in UTC time. (BMS-7006)
  • Fixed the option to not send email for Service Quotes. (BMS-7011)
  • Fixed an issue with Product search where products were not found if a space was entered before or after the search text. (BMS-7043)
  • Fixed an issue with the workflow not being triggered for tickets on which the SLA is paused. (BMS-7044)
  • Fixed a spelling error in Batch Action > Choose Operation > Delete Tickets. (BMS-7071)
  • Fixed an issue where the Ticket Timer was not resetting when a time entry was saved. (BMS-7082)
  • Fixed an issue where disabled tickets were still showing in the Resolve box. (BMS-7098)
  • Rest API - Fixed an issue where changing the status of a ticket to resolved did not set the Status Event and Completed Date. (BMS-7144)
  • Fixed an issue with Drag/Drop not working in the Dispatch Calendar for Service Calls. (BMS-7260)
  • Fixed an issue with adding CC addresses when replying to a ticket. CC email addresses are now added to the ticket correctly. (BMS-7282)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the error: 404 Missing resource Error - Loading.gif. (BMS-7306)
  • Fixed an issue where extra space was being added when using the [%Note Details%] token in an email template. (BMS-7307)
  • Closing a ticket now automatically sets First Response in cases where First Response had never been set. (BMS-7321)
  • Billing Review_Labor Hours is now ordered by number of labor hours. (BMS-7355)
  • Fixed an issue with adjusting timesheets where a record could become disabled if displayed in a popup window. (BMS-7370)
  • Fixed an issue where updating the Retainer by Amount Contract could reset the Consumed Amount. (BMS-7411)
  • VSA Integration - Fixed an issue where VSA Agents with changed Machine Group names were not getting added as Assets in the PSA. (BMS-7446)
  • Fixed an issue where API Throttling was returning 429 HTTP status codes for unauthorized requests. (BMS-7453)
  • Fixed an issue with the QuickBooks Sync Tool where Item names were not always included when exporting invoices to QuickBooks. (BMS-7464)