BMS will be moved to a new Data Center on 12th January 2019

We’re making big improvements to the BMS Platform!

While you’ve been enjoying BMS, we’ve been busy breaking in a fresh new data center infrastructure - bigger and better, so we can expand out the platform to provide more value to you.

Here’s what you need to know - IP Address Change

On 12-Jan-2019, the IP address associated with BMS,, is changing from to

For inbound email, any email parser activity will now originate from

For outbound email, there is no change to the default SMTP relay’s IPv4 address (

Here’s what you need to do:

In most cases, no action will be required.  Here are the exceptions:

1) If you use whitelist based on IP address:

If you are whitelisting for security purposes (IDS/IPS, mail relay, IMAP) and your vendor software/equipment only permits whitelists based on IPv4 addresses, you will need to update your whitelist to add the new IP addresses:

The fully qualified domain name ( will not be changing, only the underlying IP addresses, so application-level whitelisting based on FQDNs will not be affected.

2) If you have aggressive DNS caching in environments with VSA on-premise deployments:

In environments where DNS servers have been modified to retain responses for longer than the defined TTL, it may be necessary to flush the DNS cache in order for VSA On-Premise deployments to successfully connect to the BMS instance after this change has occurred.  

If you believe you have this configuration present in your environment, you can verify by comparing responses for against your DNS server and a public resolver (ie., then follow vendor documentation to flushing the DNS cache if the condition exists.

3) If you use the REST API:

If you have written an application that uses the BMS REST API, your application will need to request a new REST API token after the IP change has been completed.  Tokens generated before the change will be rejected. If your application has been written using best practices, it should have logic to automatically refresh tokens if they are expired or revoked in which case no action is required.

Everyone Else:

Not using whitelisting, the API or on-premise VSA?  Then there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the new data center after the move.

Using a Partner Integration?

Not to worry, various partners, such as IT Glue and Customer Thermometer, have written integrations to the BMS REST API.  These integrations already contain logic to automatically refresh REST API tokens, and will continue working after the move with no action required.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the data enter move, please contact our support team at

Thank you,

The BMS Team

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