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Merge Ticket Feedback

  • What are people finding out about the new Merge and Absorb ticket functionality?

  • Mostly seems to work, although it would be good to have an option to merge the details of the ticket as well. E.g. the ticket type etc. Granted you might not want this on every ticket, but often we are merging multiple tickets because of a reply-all that didn't include the ticket number.

  • We just recently started using the merge/absorb function and we are running into an issue where, when we try to merge and the ticket search box pops up, it doesn't show all of our tickets.  We can put search fields in but will not display a ticket that is known to be there.  If we try to merge another ticket, the search box will display a completely different set of tickets to merge.  Anyone have any suggestions for this?

  • I believe the tickets need to be in the same Queue and/or customer account for them to appear in the merge window.
  • Ahh, that makes sense.  We were trying to merge tickets from multiple accounts due to a wide spread problem.  Thanks for the info:-)

  • We just tried email templates with the merge/absorb function and we have experienced these things:

    * Right now, the workflow will detect a "Merge Activity" but only send an email to the resource and not the clients nor CC's, in which I have check marked.  

    * [%Merged Ticket(s) Number%] does not show the ticket number if placed in the subject line, it will only shows that tag.

    * [%Merged Ticket(s) Number%] and [%Absorbed Ticket Number%] are strangely hyperlinked to nothing (/MSP/TicketEdit.aspx?ID=750976) in the email that is sent out.  

    Anyone experience these issues?

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