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New BMS patch has been released.  You can find the notes here as well.

BMS (v4.0.16) - 27 October 2018

New Features

  • Tickets now have a CC Field to track multiple Employees, Contacts and email addresses. CCs can be entered manually, or can be picked up automatically from inbound Emails based on a new configuration option in the Email parser. Notifications to CC'd parties can be controlled via Workflow. (BMS-3285)
  • Multiple tickets can now be mereged together via two new options on the ticket form (see the 'More' dropdown). You can merge a single ticket into another, or absorb/merge multiple tickets in a single operation. Merge details are tracked via Activity notes and Related Ticket links. The new Ticket CC field tracks all parites associated with the merged Tickets. (BMS-5743)
  • Added ability to bulk import Services into the Finance module (see Admin > Imports & Exports). (BMS-5919)


  • Added a new field to Service Desk Rest API that will return the Hardware Asset ID for future Put and Updates. (BMS-5699)
  • Billing Automation Scheduler: added the ability to set a schedule for the last day of the month. (BMS-6023)
  • Added Active/Inactive flag to the Import Contacts Rest API. (BMS-5920)
  • Enabled 2FA for external users in the Client Portal to be redirected to AuthAnvil 2FA. (BMS-5567)
  • Reduced the number of required characters to 1 for Usernames. (BMS-4352)
  • Changed the Font Size on Quotation Template to smaller size as orginially designed. (BMS-5835)
  • Added the ability to Override Recurring Service Description Via Post and Put APIs. (BMS-6201)

Custom Invoices

  • Custom Invoices for C3 Security. (BMS-6219)
  • Adjustments to Existing Invoices for Tweeweg IT. (BMS-5788)
  • Custom Invoice Template for ANA Telecom. (BMS-5768)
  • Update Jireh Custom Invoice to Include Item Code for T & M and remove SOFreeItems from the Types. (BMS-6024)
  • Windward Technology Customized Invoice Template. (BMS-5916)
  • WJP Invoices Update. (BMS-6196)
  • Hyopsys Invoice Update for Charge Names. (BMS-6195)


  • Fixed a Bug for IT Glue Contacts Integration for Contact provisioned via VSA. (BMS-6263)
  • Ignore case when checking Email Parser Black List Emails. (BMS-6291)
  • On Activating Contract: if Contract Number is Empty, the System is still Saving. (BMS-6221)
  • Fixed "New News" paste function error. (BMS-6133)
  • Tickets - Print ticket page shows incorrect spelling for Assets. (BMS-6122)
  • Email Parser breaking styles in some scenarios where styles are embedded inside the body of the Email. (BMS-6244)
  • OKTA SSO Not Signing in. (BMS-6211)
  • External Client Portal Users Using AuthAnvil cannot see their location when creating a ticket. (BMS-6206)
  • When in Parent Child Mode, the Icon on the Ticket Attachments Does not show. (BMS-6177)
  • AllActivityDetails is changing the Format of the HTML Messages in the Email Templates. (BMS-5834)
  • Parent Contracts Should not Show in the Child Accounts during Creation of Tickets. (BMS-5833)
  • Inconstancy between Service Quotation and Product Quotation when Printing and Sending Emails. (BMS-5741)
  • Service Description is not propagating the New Lines into Invoices. (BMS-5711)
  • Email template being sent from automated billing is not correct - needs to be reformated. (BMS-5691)
  • Error when entering Hebrew Language. (BMS-5690)
  • Time Entries on Tickets are not respecting Day Light Saving when showing the Time on the Tickets View. (BMS-6061)
  • Client Location Address - Tab order out of order - New Accounts. (BMS-6039)
  • CRM notes display issue. (BMS-6027)
  • Fixed billing automation to accommodate All Invoice Templates that exist in the System. (BMS-6021)
  • Fixed a UI Issue for Projects Dashboard showing Two Links Highlighted. (BMS-5938)
  • Fixed the Issue on Security when clicking on a Queue that is assigned to you, you can reach other Queue Tickets. (BMS-5913)
  • QouteWerks Connector: Creating a new Product does not Add the Tax Field on Product but it does on the Quotation. (BMS-5915)
  • Spelling mistake - Billing automation. (BMS-5914)
  • Quoteworks Connector: No validation message appears when trying to Convert quotation to order and there is a required field empty. (BMS-5912)
  • Tickets - Error appears when Trying to print a ticket but the user don't have access to expense and time Entries. (BMS-5901)
  • Quickbooks- Resyncing an updated customer in QB is not updated in BMS. (BMS-5894)
  • Fixed the Attachments links to have Encrypted Links. (BMS-5891)
  • Added a Retry Feature for Sending Emails up to Three Trials before the Email get Stuck in Failed Status. (BMS-6325)

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