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BMS Invoicing Question

  • I have been playing around in a trial of the BMS system.. 

    Having come from a Connectwise Manage background I tend to look for things that I could do with that system.

    1.  Billling of CSP based office365 license.. normaly done a product added to a contact, what is the option for bms on this one?

    2. Invoice customer for a zero value invoice, but showing the total effective value of the services provided under their contract.

    I am sure I will remember other things as I play with the trial.


  • I may have tracked down my own solution to this..

    the best I have been able to come up with is exporting to quickbooks online and then using the app from https://armatic.com . The way I see it working for invoices is BMS->QBO->Armatic->Client where once I export it to QBO armatic does the rest automatically such as sending the invoice and even can auto debit payments from what I have been told. Then it will auto sync payment details back to QBO and I can import them into BMS...