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How to add custom values to assets management?

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  • You can add custom field through your VSA for any custom entries (string or numerical):

  • polo1t27

    Adding custom fields is easy, populating the fields can be tedious if you don't automate.

    Our Core Automation tools provide a custom audit tool that collects nearly 200 data points and uploads as  many as you need into those custom fields every day (or more frequently, if needed). We use this dynamically collected information to identify system roles and automatically apply (or remove) monitor sets, so we never get caught not monitoring something that a client installed without telling us. The other data helps the tech with troubleshooting - showing video and wifi driver and config info, health status, and more.

    There are agent procedure commands that can collect data from the agent and store it into the custom fields if you're up to creating the endpoint tools and the procedures to tie it all together. This provides a very powerful ability for automating your platform.


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  • polo1t27

    How to add custom values to assets management?

    To add custom values (fields) to Assets in BMS, use Admin > My Company > Custom Fields.  For Module use 'Physical Assets' or 'Software Assets' depending upon you needs.

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