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On-Prem VSA - with BMS and now IT Glue

  • Does anyone here integrate their on-prem vsa with these cloud services.  I have been using BMS for a year now and like it.  I have not integrated it with our VSA yet.  We do not allow external access to our VSA.

    So what I would need to do is figure out BMS IP address and set a rule.  There is a document in KB that gives IP

    The other scary part is we need to set an account up with "master"  in our VSA called BMS_Service.  Has anyone integrated with an account that has less privilege.  I'm sure BMS Server is secure, but why does it require such a privileged account?

    Maybe im over worrying..

  • I am in progress with a BMS trial with our VISA and haven't been able to find the kb article for how to properly setup a service account. The instructions in the online manual are not clear at all and a bit frustrating.
  • I can't speak for BMS but we do integrate ITGlue.  Our ITGlue account doesn't have master access.  Just set to see all orgs and has an role that has access to "Everything"   But from what I have read if you are going to start integrating with BMS you may just want to wait and only integrate with BMS as that would aslo integrate with your vsa.

  • The service account is made in VSA..  What i do not like is the role and scope needed..  Correct me if im wrong, but Master is like GOD access..  Am I over worrying?  Does anyone else in here link BMS to On-Prem VSA?

    Im honestly wondering what the benefits are to link to BMS?

  • We are currently in process of moving to On-Prem with BMS. We are doing it strickly for billing because we have had issue with Service Desk.