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BMS - Roadmap?

  • Is there a roadmap or feature request list somewhere?

    We are investigating BMS to replace Autotask but during our trial we see several big features that missing that we use heavily.  I would not want to pass on BMS if these features are right around the corner.

    The biggest one we see is Exchange/O365 calendar sync.  I know there is an Outlook plugin, but most of our guys use OWA or Linux.  

    Second, once Exchange sync is working, the Dispatch Calendar should show Exchange Appointments as blackout dates on the Disptach Calendar.  Which highlights why the outlook plugin is not usefull.  A tech goes to the doctor, and while he is there sticks in a personal appointment for a follow-up visit using his phones activesync calendar.  Dispatch should be able to see this well before he gets back to a pc and opens Outlook.  And if he is a OWA user he may never open Outlook.  Or be running Linux or MAC etc.  We sync Autotask/Exhcnage with our dispatch calendar every 5 minutes.

    Third, we haven't figured out how to mask the names of Techs when email notifications go out.  In our LOB it is sometimes detrimental for the customer to know who is working on the ticket.  So when the email is sent, it should mask who actually did the work rather than say "Joe Schmo updated the ticket" .  And if the customer logs into customer portal, that too should just list the ticket updates without the tech name.

    Changing the tech's name in BMS to a generic "tech1" doesn't work either.  We need internal reports to show the real name, and Tech1 to a real person would still be a one to one mapping.

  • I'm curious to know why it is detrimental for the customer to know the name of the tech. Can you give some background or context on that?

  • We first had to disable it because it was a security requirement for one of our government contracts.   It is seen a weakness for social engineering.

    But we have since enabled it for all of our customer.  It drastically reduced the number of people contact our support around the helpdesk.  It stops them from calling Bill the IT tech directly or telling another agent that has taken over the ticket..."well thats not what Bill said".

    Honestly its been one of the best moves to keep all tickets flowing through the helpdesk and allow easy movement of tickets between techs.

  • Our Feature Request list is here:


    We are looking to add 2-way sync to O365.  We are not able to announce a target timeframe in advance.  The feature will be announced via our Release Notes, and via our release announcement process.

    You can tailor the outbound email notifications to suppress references to technician names.  This is done via Admin > Business Process > Email Templates.  The email templates are tied in via Workflow, and you can also define templates for manual notifications.


    The BMS Team

  • One thing we sometimes find is - certain customers always want to speak to a specific tech. The customer thinks that nobody else can help them or will understand the problem.

    This 1:1 bond can be a good thing in terms of client relationship - but it's a nightmare when senior L3 tech who just finished a major project such as a server migration is suddenly bothered to troubleshoot an L1 problem such as an offline printer - simply because the client now believes that said L3 tech is now their personal assistant for all things IT (instead of calling the L1 helpdesk as instructed).

    So, anonymity can have it's uses. At times. If used with care.

  • It is possible to hide the name in the email, but the end user portal still shows it and is what 80% of customers use.

  • So, has there been any update on these roadmap items?  Like a true Exchange integration API instead of the outlook plugin?

  • tmbm50

    So, has there been any update on these roadmap items?  Like a true Exchange integration API instead of the outlook plugin?

    Stay tuned for the next release of BMS.  We think you will be pleased.


    The BMS Team

  • tmbm50
    So, has there been any update on these roadmap items?  Like a true Exchange integration API instead of the outlook plugin?

    From the BMS v4.0.11 (28 April 2018) Release Notes:

    "The marquee feature for this release is real time two-way calendar synchronization with Office 365, Exchange (on-premise), Outlook.com, Google and iCloud. Setup is quick and easy via Home > My Calendar > Calendar Sync. Calendar type can vary by Employee (e.g. one Employee can sync with Office 365, while another syncs with Google). Details on synced calendar items have been enhanced including Map, Ticket and Task links where appropriate. This cloud-to-cloud sync leverages the Cronofy Calendar API, and is included at no extra charge. While the Outlook Connector is still supported, we recommend using the new Calendar Sync instead so that calendars remain up to date even when Outlook is not running."


    - The BMS Team