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BMS Billing different rates per client, not role.

  • I feel like the programmers for BMS assume that companies will only charge different rates per role, like tech/admin/cable/var etc.  They don't account for if companies charge different rates per client.  It's like I have to keep a cheat sheet next to my desk and manually change hourly rate when posting for every single time entry.  If I have one ticket with 20 time entries, I have to change the rate, one by one, for each entry.  I could add a discount for each time entry, but then I have to add another line item over and over.  I could put the different rates in the 'roles' so the correct rate can be added when doing a time log, but in the future when we are ready to hire people, we won't want that in the hands of the technicians.  Has anybody ran into this issue?  How do you handle different rates per client?

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  • Create a Time & Materials contract for each client.  Then set the rates per service in that contract.  Make the contract their primary (if they have more than one contract) and activate it.  Then when you add time to your tickets it will be billed at the time & materials rate for that client.  

  • Nevermind, Kaseya's onboarding consultant took the time to answer my queston, quite quickly.  You create a 'Time and Materials' contract for that client and put in the adjusted hourly rate you want to use for each role.  Works perfect.

  • LOL, didn't see your post before I posted.  Garry, you're exactly correct, thank you.  You get five starts for being as fast as Kaseya onboarding.