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BMS - Customizing

  • We started using BMS, and are enjoying it..  However now that we are getting farther in,  there are a things we are trying to tap into and wondering if anyone in the community is doing this..

    1 - customizing ticket prints.  We would like to add logo and custom fields into the print.  It would be nice to remove some of the unneeded info

    2 - NOC screen.  It would be nice to have some NOC screen displaying tickets.  To do this now we need to stay logged in as a user and it times out.

  • We also just started at the start of year and still getting the hold of things ! The BMS timeout issue is a struggle we still haven't figured out how to get over and would love a NOC screen.

  • 1) You could consider using Ad Hoc Reports to create a custom ticket print.

    2) We find that many partners like to use BrightGuage to display real-time NOC style Dashboards.  BrightGuage now offers an integration to BMS.

  • Have anyone customized service quotation and invoice?

    It's important and urgent for me...

  • @Andrea,

    You can request a new Invoice or Quote template, and Kaseya will consider adding it.  Via a Support ticket, just submit a mockup of the form exactly as you would like it to appear showing sample data.  We will consider adding it for you.


    The BMS Team

  • Hi Kevin,

    thank you for your prompt reply.

    I'll follow your suggestion and this week I'll make the mockup.

    I guess a tool for customizing the output is more more more useful for all the community...

    For example, in Italy we must compile the invoice with some information that in the rest of the world does not need or not exist (actually I can only write these information in custom fields -for Accounts-).



  • I agree MikeG, a NOC screen would help us out tremendously.