Hi all, 

BMS has been released for some time and lots of updates has been applied, i would appreciate if anyone that are currently using BMS to give me their experience or review on the product so far.

Review on the following:

1- Business Operation, does it help improving it?

2- Configuration, some of you might have migrated to BMS, what is the experience on setting it up like.

3- Manageability, creating client, staff usage and inventory, etc, do you hear complains from your staff about the problem of BMS or is easy for them ?

4- Visibility , Does the report gave you what you are looking for? tickets SLA, are they known before being breached?

To the Kaseya team, (If any are reading this)

1- If i one day decided to migrate my service desk to BMS, do i get a proper support channel ? ( The last time in attempt to setup BMS, i have trouble getting support, my ticket was opened for 1 week without assistant) 

I really do love BMS , because of the product is somehow very similar to Autotask, and the pricing is affordable for a MSP grade service desk like BMS .

But i received some not so good feedback, which hindered us from moving to BMS.

Please advise.