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Email Parser Logs

  • I've set up an Email parser which is successfully "testing" and connecting, yet it's not pulling any email into the BMS. Its from an Office 365 mailbox. The IMAP settings are correct.

    How can we troubleshoot this? Are there any logs we can somehow see?

  • We also have the same issue with some slight differences:

    1.  The Email Parser test is successful (screenshot attached)
    2. I was able to get the Email Parser to create one Ticket for me but since then, not able to get anymore tickets created
    3. We have a Shared Mailbox setup (called "Tickets") and it's being accessed by the user account "Service" instead. Once again, it did manage to create one ticket when I sent an email to tickets@ email address but it's not creating anymore tickets after that.

  • You can test email parser first. logs should be updated and should be used.

  • I cannot get the parser to connect to a share mailbox on office365 at all.

    Also cannot find any decent logging for the connection.

  • I have to say I am far from impressed with the level of response on these forums from Kaseya staff.. They either have nobody monitoring them, or dont care..

    While they maybe expensive at least CW and the community is responsive...

  • Hey there, my name is Steve and I'm the Community Engagement Manager here at Kaseya. Just want to let you know that I am involved in this forum on the daily. Since this is supposed to be a community driven forum, we like to have our community of users collaborate to help each other, but that is in no way to say we don't care. I am always here to help anyone on this site get the proper help that they need, whenever it is needed. However, we apologize for not getting to this sooner.

    For this particular issue, I recommend opening a ticket with support to find a direct solution to this issue, if you not have done so already. If you have, please reach out to me directly I can help find a solution.

  • Logged a ticket for this and it went nowhere...

    Now its taken so long the trial has expired before I could complete investigating it..

  • Ok so I am in the same boat as everyone else now.. Its connecting but not pulling any emails into tickets..