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Looking to pass variables to BMS via the URL

  • My phone system has a feature called the Web Launcher which can open up a browser and call a pre-populated URL. Here is an example for a launch for Google:


    Whenever anyone calls me, a browser will launch and Google will search for the caller's name and number. Obviously this is trivial but I would like to find out if BMS can take any variables such as the caller's number and launch a web popup. Based upon the fact that caller ID is a tenuous identifier, I would look for the raw phone number (8885551212) and do a lookup on all client and contact phone numbers. If a match is found, I would pop up a screen with some basic info about the company, who is calling (if that info is available) and show some triggers to launch a new ticket or link to customer history.

    If this sort of thing is not available, then I will cut and paste this comment into a Feature Request.



  • Currently, you can not pass a raw phone number via the URL (but that would be a nice enhancement).

    We do support passing the Id of the any main data object in the system.  For example:



    This is applicable to all BMS modules.  The object IDs are visible via Ad-Hoc reports.  

  • Based on bms.kaseya.com/.../TicketEdit.aspx{TicketID} is there a way to also pass the client name so that clients don't need to enter your business name when they are not logged in to the portal?

  • Hi Garry,

    Currently, there is no way to pass the company name on the URL.  It is a good idea, and we are tracking it as a feature request.


    The BMS Team

  • Is this what you mean Garry?

    You can embed the company name in the URL so that it does not need to be entered on the login page.  For example, if your company name is "Myco LLC" then the URL would look as follows:


    This is the same URL format that is provided in the original 'Welcome" email that you receive when you sign up for BMS, and the URL is also included in emails to new Employees, Client Access Portal Users, and password reset notifications.

    When using a URL with an embedded company name, the login page will be branded with the company logo that you provide under Admin > My Company > Company Settings.

  • KaseyaHelp,

    My post was confusing.  To restate: there is currently no way to combine the TicketEdit.aspx{TicketID} syntax with the gateway.aspx?client=Myco+LLC syntax on a single URL.  We are tracking this as a feature request.


    The BMS Team

  • I see what you're saying. Thanks Kevin!