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Active Directory integration

  • Is there anything in the works to address this? It seems like a pretty significant shortcoming of the product. The VSA integration doesn't address the inability to have users automatically imported into BMS.

  • We are tracking this as a feature request.  Are you interested in BMS Employees, Contacts, or both?

  • Well, to be perfectly honest we were sold this functionality when we purchased the VSA/BMS combo just over a month ago... We were told that BMS would import users and contacts from VSA into BMS and obviously that is not the case. It only imports accounts (ie, customers) and assets.

    To answer your question though, BOTH. Though of the two I think the contacts is the most obviously lacking. Importing your employees would be nice and a great feature (ie, linked AD authentication), but importing contacts is almost an expectation for a modern ticketing platform and IMO a major shortcoming of BMS. At the very least this should be happening via the VSA integration, but regardless, it's something that needs to be happening one way or the other.

    I seriously hope you guys expedite this feature on your roadmap because it's a major shortcoming. I've been recommending BMS because overall it's a very nice, feature rich platform, but when I mention the lack of any sort of AD integration for customer contact/user import I get almost universally negative reactions.

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  • I just signed up for a trial of BMS. I'm looking to come over from CW. We have this capability in CW. I'm surprised that this was requested over a year ago and from what I can see this still doesn't exist. One of the guys we're working with in the sales process says AD integration is coming in early 2018. Of course I take the words of a sales person with a grain of salt...

    Has anyone heard the same or seen a road map with this feature on it? Has anyone come up with any other workarounds to this?

  • This is something we are looking to add in Q1.  The solution will require AuthAnvil, and will also include the capability to use AuthAnvil for authentication which will allow you to force 2 factor authentication for BMS.  There will likely be 2 phases.  In the first phase, we will support a single AD domain for your company.  In the 2nd phase, we will support multiple AD domains each mapped to Client Accounts.


    The BMS Team

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