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Zapier integration for BMS

  • Has anyone successfully connected Zapier to the API in BMS?

    I can successfully get Postman to make a connection and receive a bearer API token but I can't get Zapier to connect using the developer integration feature.

  • Has anyone successfully connected BMS to Zapier?  I have many apps and systems that would benefit from this solution.  I have ran into an issue with a specific issue regarding the syntax of the "grant_type" key.  It works successfully using Postman but seems to change the syntax in Zapier with the custom app integration tool.  Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi John,

    I  am actively working on an integration for BMS/Zapier - I find the automations in BMS are not adequate for our needs & other major PSAs have Zapier integrations already.

    Wondering if you've made any progress on this that you might be interested in sharing.