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Kaseya BMS Instance URL From API

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Hello is there a way to get the instance url from api?

or is this url instance the same on all region? 


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  • Not sure I understand the question, but here is some information about the URLs.  Each instance of BMS has a 'gateway' URL with the format https://bms-server/gateway.aspx?client=instance-name.  For example, an instance named "My MSP" on the EMEA BMS server would be as follows:


    If you wish to use the API for any instance on the EMEA server, see this link for details:


    fixed URL
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  • sorry for the confusion, yes what I'm asking is from this url  https://bms-server/gateway.aspx?client=instance-name.

    is the "bms-server" does change depending on my location or the server is always "bmsemea.kaseya.com"?

  • For 'bms-server", we have bms.kaseya.com and bmsemea.kaseya.com.  Any given BMS instance is provisioned on one server or the other.  Your BMS 'Welcome' email contains a link that confirms the "bms-server".