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    Monitor > Alarm Summary is now redesigned for better user experience.

    Alarm summary views does not reflect the true views.
    When you enter in module the views is empty but keeping the existings parameters.

    No filters on alarms messages...
    This new interface is pretty but not very practical.

  • Great observations Rom... I will make sure they are heard.  

    Just FYI... if you need to filter on alarm Messages, the Classic page is stillavailable.

    *Anyone NOT seeing the new design after 9.5.2 should flush cache.

  • Playing around - we flipped back to the Classic View - how do we return to the new view? There was nothing (obvious) on the classic screen or in the System / User Preferences.

    Why would alarm filtering not be part of the new interface - it's a pretty important feature that we use often when checking for specific alerts.

  • , I just re-clicked the Alarm Summary and it showed it back in new mode.    So there doesn't seem to be a way to permanently keep it in "Classic" mode.

    , one of the things I would often do is put something in the Alarm Text Field, to filter it.   IE. "Offline", or a specific Event ID.    I don't see that filter field in the new view.   Seems like that is needed as others have said.

  • I have to say that it's pretty major to remove a well used feature like this - and a very strange thing to do.

    The current Alarm Filters are invaluable to us.

  • I spoke with our PM team... the intent was for the "Alarm ID" field to be "Search Alarms" and serve as that General Search option.  They are going to investigate what went wrong... some code didn't get merged into the build it seams.

    It wouldn't hurt to open tickets on this issue so the algorithm will naturally raise the priority and you will be flagged to be updated on the fix... either way, I will follow it.

    Thanks for alerting us!  

  • Hi Everybody, thanks for the feedback.  We would like to address these concerns immediately and would like to do some validation of your feedback.  Would you be willing to hop on a quick call early next week to discuss with our design and engineering teams?  Thanks, Chris DiStasio